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The Scrivener Bees ebook

The Scrivener Bees Ebook

 By Petty
 Language: English
 Publish Year : 1970
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En Masse
There's a renegade changeling on the loose and the future of Make-Believe hangs in the balance -- it's Clemency Pogue to the rescue As Inky Mess gains power and amasses goblin followers, he sets his sights on the Forgetting Book. With the book, Inky will become master of every goblin, hobgoblin, and fairy in Make-Believe. Clemency's hobgoblin friends desperately need her help to defeat the power-hungry changeling, but Clem has problems of her own: Her dad has unknowingly angered the Scrivener Bees and they want to exact painful revenge. Will Clem be able to save her father and 'Make Believe'?
Clem and her hobgoblin sidekick, Chaphe return to continue the battle with renegade changeling, Inky, who is scheming to take over Make Believe. With the help of a loyal army of goblins, Inky's next challenge is to steal the Forgetting Book and gain power over every creature in the realm. Meanwhile, Clem's father has accidentally angered the Scrivener Bees, a nasty swarm that tattoo their message on anyone that gets in their way. Can Clem and Chaphe save her parents - and Make Believe, before Inky and the Bees conquer all?


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